Numerology & The Personality Numbers

The study of numerology is as old as history. Various systems of this study have evolved in different forms in different countries since the ages. Even though the subject and its study have a long history, it still remains a matter of prolonged and bitter controversy whether it has any scientific basis or not.

In spite of controversies, it is true that these days the subject of numerology is being used for a variety of purposes and calculations related to human psychology, personality etc. The Personality Number gives you valuable information about your physical self, your appearance and how others tend to see you in general. These are the general aspects of your character, which are often noticed by people when they first get acquainted with you. The Personality Number reveals your outward and physical appearance and how other people and your friends recognize you. The Personality number can be calculated from the sum of the consonants in your name.

The Outward or the Physical Appearance number - popularly known as Personality number, is derived from the consonants of your full name. Your Personality acts as the threshold of your actual nature. It refers to those limited things, the sharing of which in the initial stages of any relationship makes you feel comfortable. Gradually with the flow of time, faith and belief you start revealing your actual nature in the public; you reveal more about yourself, your nature and your desires. In fact, personality is the first impression people get of you in the very first instance.

Your Personality number is something which acts as a censoring device for you. It is both in terms of what you convey and communicate, as well as what you receive. It distinguishes between the kinds of people and information you allow to enter your head, mind and the heart. For this very reason, the Personality Number is usually protective and narrower than your actual self. It helps you filter the things which you want to do and those you dislike.

Personality numbers indicate how approachable you are to others. This is not an easy task. Even our closest friends and relatives face problems describing the way we are! Numerology gives us a general understanding of the image we are projecting. That very image is our Personality Number. For example, the personality number 1 means that you are very active, efficient and radiant. You have the courage to face difficult situation and thus, you always emerge as the leader or pioneer in challenging situations.

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